Lowongan Principal Cost Controls Specialist Pada Perusahaan McDermott International, Ltd di Riau Islands

Published 6 months ago

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Pilih Bahasa

Perusahaan McDermott International, Ltd membuka lapangan pekerjaan untuk posisi Principal Cost Controls Specialist di wilayah Riau Islands. Jenis pekerjaan yang kami berikan adalah Full-time.

Kriteria pekerja yang kami butuhkan adalah mempunyai kemampuan Finance and Sales dengan pengalaman Entry level, serta pekerja yang jujur, disiplin, dan bertanggung jawab.

Estimasi gaji yang ditawarkan oleh perusahaan ini cukup kompetitif sekitar Rp 2.000.000 - Rp 5.000.000 (per Bulan). Namun gaji tersebut dapat naik atau turun tergantung dari perusahaan yang memutuskannya.

Perusahaan McDermott International, Ltd sendiri bergerak dibidang Oil and Gas yang tentu saja jika anda tertarik dengan lamaran perusahan ini dapat langsung mendaftar.

Informasi Lowongan

Perusahaan:McDermott International, Ltd
Posisi:Principal Cost Controls Specialist
Wilayah:Riau Islands
Fungsi Pekerjaan:Finance and Sales
Tingkat Pekerjaan:Entry level
Gaji:IDR 2.000.000 - IDR 5.000.000 per Bulan
Jenis Pekerjaan:Full-time
Industri:Oil and Gas

Deskripsi Lowongan

Job Description
Job Overview:
The Project Controls Manager will be responsible for the following activities of the project to which he/she is assigned Change Management. Cost Control. Planning and scheduling. Progress Monitoring and reporting. Forecasting and Project Administration.
Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Be the right-hand man for the Project Manager/Director; generally responsible for providing the project status, forecast of the future, and definition of alternatives. He/she must be diligent and complete in analysis such that the right choice is obvious
  • Must have a thorough understanding of the contract requirements of the project he/she is assigned to.
  • Keep the Area Project Controls Manager informed of the personnel and training requirements of Project Controls personnel assigned to him/her
  • Ensure that a robust change management system is in place for all phases of the project by which any change, both internal and external are identified at the very outset
  • Ensure that the cost and schedule impact of individual changes and the cumulative impact of all changes are evaluated.
  • Ensure that the changes which are to be compensated by the client/vendor are taken up promptly with the client/vendor. Ensure that we get fairly and adequately compensated for the same
  • Ensure that logs of both internal and external changes are maintained.
  • Ensure that the costs from the “as-sold” cost summary are broken down into the standard Work Breakdown Structure lime items; ensure that budgets and the chart of accounts are distributed and explained to the budget managers.
  • Ensure that the budgets are controlled before the cost commitments are made, and the commitments are tracked once they are made.
  • Participate in critical procurement and subcontract evaluations and negotiations to ensure cost, cashflow, warranties/guarantees and schedule requirements are adequately addressed.
  • Assist the Project Manager in making “make or buy” and “subcontract or do it yourself’ decisions.
  • Ensure that corporate treasury is involved before any foreign currency transactions are committed to and they are kept informed about all foreign currency commitments as they are made.
  • Ensure that the cash flow projections are done accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Ensure that the costs are being continuously collected in such a manner that feedback to estimating is possible at any given point of time.
  • Ensure that the project starts with and maintains an overall integrated Level 3 schedule with appropriate links.
  • Liaise with the construction manager to ensure that the Fabrication, Offshore, Hookup and Pre-commissioning schedules are done in enough detail (Level 3) and that Required On Site (ROS) dates for engineering deliverables, materials and subcontract services are clearly established
  • Liaise with the engineering manager to ensure that the engineering deliverables register (Level 4) is maintained with the plan, forecast and actual dates for various milestones (e.g. ROS Dates, Inter Discipline Check, Approval by Client, Issued as AFC, etc.)
  • Liaise with the procurement manager to ensure that the procurement and subcontract plan (Level 4) is maintained with the plan, forecast and actual dates for various milestones (e.g. ROS Dates, Issue Request For Quotation, Complete Bid Evaluations, issue Purchase Order, receipt of critical documentation, Delivery, etc.)
  • Liaise with critical vendors and subcontractors through the procurement manager and monitor their schedules; also incorporate their schedules into the overall schedule
  • Ensure that the Level 4 Engineering and Procurement plans are appropriately grouped into the overall Level 3 schedule.
  • Ensure that resource planning is done adequately, and the project is staffed with appropriate and adequate personnel.
  • Proactively manage the schedule; review and use late reports and look ahead reports to achieve same; progress the schedule on an ongoing basis and analyze impact.
  • Set up a progress measurement mechanism which is reflective of physical progress made.
  • Ensure that progress is measured on a weekly basis for all aspects of the project.
  • Ensure that the progress curves and reports are made and distributed internally and externally on a timely basis.
  • Ensure that progress is agreed on a monthly basis with the client; issue and follow up invoices on a timely basis.
  • Prepare project weekly and monthly reports for internal and external distribution as per internal and Contract requirements.
  • Initiate and maintain project metrics (Project Success Index) on an ongoing basis. Review and recommend appropriate action to the project manager.
  • Ensure that the profit and cash forecasts are accurate and timely.
  • Always be “forecast conscious;” ask the question “how does this event affect the forecast?”
  • Use “earned value” concept in forecasting; use commitments made and the “earned value” to accurately forecast commitments to go.
  • Review Risk and Opportunity register on an ongoing basis to ensure they are adequately addressed in the project forecasts
  • Review and manage “contingencies” as per guidelines
  • Be SOX Compliant; maintain Red Book as per guidelines.
  • Ensure that logs are kept on a timely basis for correspondences between the client and us and the vendors and us
  • Ensure that the letters and notices from the client/vendors/subcontractors are appropriately replied to.
  • Ensure that contract requirements with respect to approvals of vendors/subcontractors, providing bank/parent company guarantees etc are adhered to.
  • Ensure that back-to-back guarantees and warranties are obtained from vendors and subcontractors and a log of the same is being kept.
  • Ensure that a “gap analysis” of risks is done for major procurement and subcontract items; this is the gap between the risks being undertaken by us in the main contract and the risks undertaken by the vendor/ subcontractor as per the subcontract.
  • Provide input for preparation of documents for customs clearances, legalization documents and tax documents.
  • High standard of safe working practice, quality and productivity as well as compliance with the code of business conducts

Essential Qualifications and Education:

  • Possess Undergraduate degree
  • Possess relevant experience

Company Overview and Core Values:
McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have trusted McDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technology solutions—from the wellhead to the storage tank—to transport and transform oil and gas into the products the world needs today.
At McDermott, we hold all employees accountable to follow our 5 core values.

  • Integrity – we maintain a firm adherence to legal and ethical conduct
  • One Team – we are one company, where everyone is equally important
  • Go Beyond – we seek courageous and creative solutions
  • Well-Being – we promote all forms of well-being
  • Commitment – we are reliable and dependable in delivering quality solutions


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Informasi Perusahaan

McDermott International, Ltd

Industri: Oil and Gas

McDermott International, Ltd is an engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) company, providing integrated solutions for production, transport and storage of oil and gas. The company’s services range from conceptual engineering and design to its implementation, as well as sustaining capital and maintenance services. It operates across more than 20 countries and has expertise across the upstream and downstream energy sectors. McDermott is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MDR.