Lowongan Deputy Executive Director for MSME Finance Pada Perusahaan DevelopmentAid di Jakarta

Published 11 months ago

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Perusahaan DevelopmentAid membuka lapangan pekerjaan untuk posisi Deputy Executive Director for MSME Finance di wilayah Jakarta. Jenis pekerjaan yang kami berikan adalah Full-time.

Kriteria pekerja yang kami butuhkan adalah mempunyai kemampuan dengan pengalaman pemula atau senior, serta pekerja yang jujur, disiplin, dan bertanggung jawab.

Perusahaan DevelopmentAid sendiri bergerak dibidang sejenis yang tentu saja jika anda tertarik dengan lamaran perusahan ini dapat langsung mendaftar.

Informasi Lowongan

Posisi:Deputy Executive Director for MSME Finance
Jenis Pekerjaan:Full-time

Deskripsi Lowongan

The Opportunity: 

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Indonesia is currently seeking the Deputy Executive Director for the MSME Finance Project.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Represent the MSME Finance Project as an integrated component of the MCA-Indonesia program to stakeholders (e.g., national/sub-national government counterparts, civil society, project beneficiaries, etc.), ensuring the establishment and maintenance of collaborative relationships to facilitate program delivery.
  • Plan, prepare, implement, and ensure the sustainability of the MSME Finance Project in accordance with the objectives, budget, investment criteria, work plan, and other requirements stipulated in the Compact and Government of Indonesia (GoI) policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Recruit, direct, and supervise a team of technical specialists and consultants under the MSME Finance Project, responsible for managing and supporting primary activities. This includes both the home office (Jakarta) and, if required, MCA field consultant staff in provincial offices. Ensure a cohesive framework and joint work plan that integrates project technical and cross-cutting areas.
  • Serve as the primary MCA representative for the MSME Finance Project with Government of Indonesia counterparts, civil society, financial service providers, capacity-building service providers, strategic partners, project beneficiaries, community, donors, business associations, private sector representatives, provincial and district multi-stakeholder forums, and MCA/Jakarta consultant staff. The DED for MSME Finance will act as the main liaison between the MCA and the MSME ecosystem participants, including off-takers, buyers, and other MSME support organizations with whom the Compact seeks to partner
  • Guide MSME Project Activity Leads for various areas such as Gender-inclusive Value Chain Finance, Digital and Financial Literacy Enhancement, MSME Capacity Enhancement, and Augmenting Government Data on MSMEs Activities. Coordinate with the DED for Programs and cross-cutting Leads to establish a transparent collaborative environment for cooperation, information sharing, and shared accountability for the success of the MSME Finance Project
  • Provide strategic direction, routine operational oversight, and advice to advance the preparation, development, and implementation of the programs. This includes project/program management coordination, quality assurance, and overall communications for the MSME Finance Project.
  • Evaluate Compact requirements and determine the appropriateness/relevance of project designs. Develop strategies, frameworks, joint work plans, allocate budgets and resources to ensure the MCA’s ability to deliver
  • Ensure the team provides inputs as required for Economic Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Environmental and Social Performance (ESP), Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI), and Climate Change Related Activities following MCC guidelines
  • Oversee the development of project work plans and management plans with DED Programs and cross-cutting Leads (e.g., GSI Lead, ESP Lead, M&E Lead, etc.) and ensure compliance with Compact requirements through document review, approval, and activity monitoring
  • Provide advice to the team on inputs and compliance with the MCA and project-level Social and Gender Integration Plan (SGIP)
  • Collaborate closely with and seek technical inputs and advice from MCA gender and social inclusion leads in project work plan, framework, implementation, and monitoring, considering the highly gendered nature of the project
  • Ensure coordination within and among the four MSME Finance Project Activities, as well as across ATLAS Project and FMDP activities. Promote learning across compact provinces and projects and foster collaborative approaches at the provincial level between MCA-I and other GOI and/or donor-funded infrastructure, transport, and logistics development initiatives
  • Oversee the work of MCA MSME Project Activity Leads and coordinate with DED Programs and cross-cutting Leads to implement project activities
  • Ensure full compliance of the MSME Finance Project with MCC and Compact requirements related to environmental and social management, inclusion and gender. 
  • Prepare regular progress reports and serve as the main point of contact on MSME Finance-related matters for the MCA Chief Executive Officer
  • Prepare periodic progress reports and serve as the main point of contact on MSME Finance Project-related matters for the MCC (Washington) Project Lead. Maintain appropriate coordination and interface between the MCA-I and MCC technical teams
  • Incorporate provincial- and district-level findings into project design and revisions
  • Travel domestically to compact provinces and internationally as necessary to establish and maintain effective working relationships with key counterparts and stakeholders.

Key Qualifications (Education, Experience, Technical Competencies):

Required Qualifications:

  • Advanced University Degree in business administration, social sciences (e.g., anthropology, economics, sociology, women’s studies, public policy, community development, etc.), or a field relevant to the MSME Finance Project
  • 15+ years of experience, with at least 10 years in a management or leadership position overseeing projects or companies
  • Experience in managing and implementing capacity building and access to finance projects for MSMEs in Indonesia and/or international donor projects
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in supporting women entrepreneurs access to finance and capacity building, with a commitment to women’s economic empowerment and knowledge of national policies and best practices
  • Experience in implementing policy, institutional, and regulatory reforms, particularly in the field of women’s economic empowerment in MSME finance and/or MSME business development
  • Familiarity with Government of Indonesia policies, laws, regulations, and development plans, especially those relevant to MSME finance, gender equality, and economic development planning
  • Experience working collaboratively with technical experts, government officials, beneficiaries, civil society, contracted service providers, local community leaders, and private sector counterparts, including financial institutions
  • Proven track record of managing large projects or donor programs with a multi-million USD budget and leading staff teams
  • Successful history of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.
  • Strong contract management skills, including developing Terms of Reference (TORs) 
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in large, multicultural teams
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and familiarity with Management Information Systems and project management systems
  • Fluent in Indonesian and excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Willingness and ability to travel to relevant project sites as required

Desired Qualifications:

Experience working in Indonesia or the region on similar projects is preferred

Duration and Performance Location:

The Consultant is expected to work for a base period of 12 months. There is potential for follow-on contracts to cover the implementation of the five-year Compact. Any follow-on contracts will be based on satisfactory performance and mutual agreement. 

Contract Type:

This Terms of Reference contemplates the award of a fixed term, fixed price independent contractor contract.

Working Facilities:

Office space and a laptop equipped with the necessary software will eventually be provided to the consultant in Jakarta. However, for an interim period during the project start-up phase, the Consultant will be expected to provide his or her own laptop and all necessary equipment as needed to perform the services, until IT equipment and the office space are procured. This includes but is not limited to: computer/laptop, and other equipment that are needed by the Consultant. Airfare for domestic travel within Indonesia and lodging outside Jakarta and other cities is provided by MCA-Indonesia II. 

* Detailed information about the MCC Indonesia Compact program is available on the MCC https://ww.mcc.gov/content/uploads/compact-indonesia-infrastructure-and-finance.pdf (refer to Annex I: Program Description of the Compact).


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